How long have you been producing?

P: I have been devoted to music production for a bit longer than Jano – it is already hard for me to remember when exactly I started – with FL Studio itself, I must have been around 15-16 years old. But it certainly became full-fledged when me and Jano met and found out that we have the same hobby. After that, we realised that we liked the same music and gradually began producing, learning new things, the rules, sound engineering and so on. And it all lead to our collaboration on various projects in 2011.
J: That’s right … just to add, that moment was sometime in 2008/2009, which was also the moment when I finally found some courage to be more active at FL Studio. By then, I knew FL Studio for quite some time, but I was paralyzed because of all the possibilities if offered. I was afraid to take the step. One more fun fact –we were both relatively active since 2008 but in terms of collaboration we only matured in the 2011. Until then, we have commented on each other’s projects, probably all of them, but the idea of collaboration was unthinkable, because our opinions regarding music were completely different. Eventually, it turned out to be a huge advantage, and actually the main purpose of our collaboration.

MAIN 4x4

Production duo from Slovakia, loving atmospheres, details and beautiful melodies penetrated by strong deep bass. The duo joined forces and in 2013 released 16 tracks on such a labels as Blu Mar Ten Music, Loodma Recordings or Liquid Brilliants

Do you also produce music of other genres, apart from drum&bass?

P: Of course, our production isn’t taking just one specific direction. Apart from downbeat, drum&bass and other experimental electronic music, we are doing other music styles such as hip-hop or soundtrack music. Creativity has no limits and music genre is not a decisive element. Everything depends on the idea, if we start doing a track that is sad and deep, we finish it in a way that preserves the atmosphere.
J: The last year or two, I had the impression that we produce everything but DNB :D It resulted from the fact that we do things the way we feel and don’t produce DNB, just because it is DNB. Emotions have no boundaries in music and when choosing BPM, the producers should not have them ether. It’s all about current feelings. In any case, I am extremely pleased that we can contribute two DNB track to the EP… because for me, this genre has always been, and perhaps always will be, something special. It’s like my mobile home.

New Progress LTD label released your EP, what could you tell us about it?

P: Since with Jano we both like unusual things, we decided to show it this time. The EP is titled Everyone’s Different. The name itself is sort of a metaphor. This is because the tracks are all different from each other. Although the sound remains the same, they differ in the genre as well as the mood and atmosphere. What we’re trying to say is that despite the fact that everyone is different, in our essence we are all the same, although at the same time completely unalike.
J: Exactly. The name explains everything. I see this EP as a mix of four totally different animals, each with its particularities…coexisting under one roof, where their disparities contribute to, as I hope, an interesting result as a whole.

How was year 2014 for you? When can we expect the new tracks to be out?

P: Given that we both went through a lot of things that year, music-wise, 2014 was relatively calm. We released only one EP and we had no opportunities for other releases throughout the year. Nevertheless, Jano managed one extraordinary thing – to have his track released on a compilation by Med School label. Hopefully, this year will bring a change and it will be better – we are starting well – with this new EP. We already have some news at the production line – expect something different and novel for sure.
J: For me, 2014 was a year dedicated to finishing an absolute production revival (form sound design to building my own samples). According to how it went, I guess that 2015 will be a year of going into even deeper waters of sound design and audio engineering – the deepest. What will probably reflect in terms of the number of releases, but sound-wise, expect the unexpected :)

What would be your TOP 5 tracks of 2014?

P: That’s a very difficult question… 2014 was a year full of quality releases. I don’t want to be too specific, I’ll praise few albums though – the first one is Etherwood’s album with a corresponding name, which totally touched my heart and I consider it to be one of the best electronic music albums ever. Then, I was also pleasantly surprised by albums Logistics – Polyphony and Technimatic – Desire Paths, which are full of quality, energetic tracks. I also really liked music by InsideInfo or Enei, tracks like InsideInfo & Smooth – Hear me roar, or Enei – Prometheus.
J: I would never expect that I will say this, but for me, one of the TOP albums was Fred V & Grafix – Recognize. It is varied, well balanced, production-wise very developed and playful at the same time. Functionally combined modern electronic music with live instruments. Kimyan Law presented a surreal album, Bop and Culprate as well. Apart from that, traditionally InsideInfo…each track is a gem. I also have to mention State of Mind wth their very strong album and Tokyo Prose, whose liquid is so liquidy, that it gets me relaxed immediately, it has an incredibly soothing energy. Things by Hugh Hardie also grabbed my attention.

Which artist(s) influenced you the most and why?

P: I remember my 7-year older brother listening to prodigy in our room when I was just a child, and I remember how fascinated I was by the energy of the music. Until around 2003, I listened to anything, but then I received a track by FSOL – Papua New Guinea (High Contrast remix). From that moment, I started checking out this music genre, which later affected my entire production. High Contrast, Calyx & Teebe or later Bachelors of Science, Bop and Enei, just to name a few.
J: This question would be best answered by my subconscious, but I will give it a go. Initially, probably ATB and his atmospheric house, later it was melodic metal like Deftones, A Perfect Circle…and then Drum & Bass appeared in my life. Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix), Apex – Space Between, D&B Arena Mix by Andy C, Hospital production from 2003-2008 – and it was clear :) Anyway, I constantly find new exceptional music, which helps me develop and grow in a way, Bop, Billain, Joe Ford…thankfully, there is a lot of it :)

Thank you for this great interview!

IBSTRACT rmxcomptt



Thanks everyone for entering the IBSTRACT Remix Contest! We loved listening to your remixes and it was really, really! hard to choose the winner. We had 25 submissions to go through, but we ended up narrowing it down to 5 tracks, out of which, one is the grand prize winner. Congratulations to our grand prize winner as well as the second winner who will be signed on the forthcoming remix EP. For us, all of you are winners and that’s why we decided to donate a free copy of the EP to all the participants. Everyone will receive a free download link of our recent EP as a thank you for entering the remix competition.

The forthcoming EP will be featuring remixes by main artists like IBSTRACT VIP remix IM3, with many other names to be announced really soon.

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Thanks so much! And here are the contest winners !

1.FREEMIND (grand prize winner)





IBSTRACT rmxcomptt


Hi dear friends, the remix competition is now over and we are glad to have so many signed entries.

After 7 days from today, we will announce the remix competition winners and as stated in our “TERMS & CONDITIONS”, we will announced more winners and one absolute winner who wins half a year unlimited mastering from our label.

Hope u guys and girls enjoy the remix competition, stay tuned and prepaired for more releases and forthcoming remix competition by Delpurr & Eraser.






We are group of people with lifetime passion for music. NEW PROGRESS LTD is a music label releasing and promoting experimental and progressive kinds of electronic bass music such as Drum and Bass, Trap and forms of Dubstep. To let the world know about the new and original music as well as to support talented producers better, we need more creative and dedicated people.


You are a creative person who wants to use his/her skills in challenging environment. You have decent writing skills, so you can write texts about events, dj´s, producers,releases and everything that is happening around the label and music scene. You are confident in social media such a FB G+,TW and different communication channels, so you can write, promote the label, manage the newsletters, and keep everyone updated. You write ENGLISH extremely well and you are able to prove it. You are a proactive and responsible individual, who can actively support the NP-LTD TEAM and does not need to be always checked and reminded of his duties.


You get to be a part of a creative and open-minded team and a possibility to make a valuable contacts. You will be paid in form of exclusive incentives as access to music databases, learning programs, free tickets to events, and in near future royalties for great work. Personal development.NP-LTD label supports its contributors by guiding them and providing them with educational materials so you will learn how to use your potential to the fullest (not only in work). Professional development you get to learn many useful skills and this position looks definitely amazing on your portfolio or CV. Tons of good music and experience within the music industry. But the most important thing is that u have FATE in our own hands and u can fill your dreams.

Selection procedure will be carried out in 3 stages. The first phase will consist of a written test which will be sent to your email. Secondary test will be to create an interview with the producers of your choice. In the third stage of the selection, you will be invited to a personal interview (skype).


  • Shoot us three interesting story ideas you’d like to cover for NEW PROGRESS LTD in the near future.
  • DO NOT send us a cover letter. Just tell us why you’re awesome, what you’re passionate about, and why you want to join our team.
  • Send us your portfolio. (if u have)
  • Your rate (per article, per hour, per month) how much time u can spend with this work
  • Send us your CV
  • If you have interest in this work, please contact our press and media manager, at the mail
Memory Shelter Cover




Memory Shelter Cover

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VIBRANT SCIENTISTS – OTHER REALMS EP interview + download link

VIBRANT SCIENTISTS ( Vibrant Melos ) ,we bring you an overview of their soulful OTHER REALMS EP and an exclusive interview with MELOS and VIBRANT from SONATA RECORDINGS.








Hi Michael & Sean how are you ? Tell us something about yourselves.

Hey guys. I’m Michael aka Melos and this is Sean aka Vibrant. Together we are Vibrant Scientists, we’re 31 and 34 respectively and have been into music for around 20 years, first with DJ’ing then starting to produce drum & bass, house & techno music for about 9 years now.

How did you come up with project Vibrant Scientists? Tell us something about this project and how did it come about?

Vibrant Scientists all began when Michael moved to Brighton and already had a small studio set up which Sean started using a bit and it all went from there. We then moved into a flat together about 3 years after that and really started working hard at production from that point.

You released a quality EP on New Progress LTD. Please tell us something about the Other Realms EP and the tracks on it?

The Other Realms EP is a project we are really pleased with. The lead track ‘Other Realms’ was started by myself (Melos), then taken to Brighton last Xmas as part of a week and a half non-stop studio session in Vibrant’s brand new studio set up. He’s spent a long time building and treating the room acoustically, double doors, completely soundproofed, it really is amazing to write in there. The mixdown we achieved was some of the best we’ve ever worked on so the results are shown in the rest of the tracks on this EP. We managed to get around ten tracks finished in the time we worked and they have all been recieved quite well by labels around the whole world, yours included. ‘Evaisive Action’ is another one that I started up north and took to the south for a final mixdown to make sure the deep vibes growled a bit more! ‘Revolution’ started as just a few little ideas Vibrant had got going and I really liked the vibe so we added lots to it and it just came together pretty quickly. It has some beautiful little quiet moments, very atmospheric that one! ‘Fortune Teller is one of our faveourites from this EP, the Apollo mission spoken word and chilling sounds tease you for a bit before you get the amen break to underpin the whole track and finish it off nicely.

Are you releasing any new music in the near future, and on which labels?

Yeah for sure, we have a lot of music out there right now, as well as stuff forthcoming on Ted Ganung’s label Deeper Vision, we just signed a two track single for Liquid Brilliants, this EP with you guys on New Progress LTD, we have a vinyl release out soon on our own imprint Sonata Recordings, it’s on a small offshoot simply called Sonata LTD and will be white label 10” vinyl, hand stamped and limited to 100 copies. I also have a Melos & Friends EP coming out soon on 22 Digit Recordings on a house and techno vibe with some wicked support from Laurant Garnier, Josh Wink, Brothers Vibe and Moodymanc. I write a lot of house and techno stuff with Kyber and with other people and it’s going really well so it’s good not to just stick to drum & bass all the time, Vibrant is exactly the same he likes to write house stuff regularly.

Searching your name in google, I found out about the labels that you are managing. Can you tell something more about them?

Myself and Vibrant run Sonata Recordings, a drum & bass label that’s been around for about 4 years now. I also run Mora Music with Frederic. It’s a house & techno label which has been running a year or so longer and they are both doing very well in terms of popularity and support. We have started doing fairly regular vinyl releases on both labels now they are established and since striking a proper distribution deal with SRD, our products and files are everywhere they should be. We aren’t making any money yet because of the small runs of vinyl we do, but we feel it’s crucial and is the back bone of any decent label these days. Vinyl is more important than ever now and being the vinyl junkies we all are, it’s our number one priority even though it’s always running at a loss. We really do this stuff for the love of it, and nothing else. Not interested in the politics or the money. Just good music, plain and simple, it’s our philosphy on both labels. I am also about to set up a third label with Kyber called Nibiru Recordings which will solely be for vinyl & digital releases of our own material. You can find any of our labels simply by searching ‘Sonata Recordings’ ‘Mora Music’ or ‘Nibiru Recordings’.



What led you to start your own labels? Don’t you think that the market is over saturated with music labels nowadays?

The music industry is over saturated with shit labels yes. Good labels, not so saturated. There are many people doing amazing things right now, and myself and Sean support many of them personally by buying all the music that we do. However, we see more and more labels pop up every week, but it’s cool because they don’t last. I say the more labels and the more music, the better. Gone are the days of everything been controlled or restricted in any way. Music has to keep evolving and if that means everybody and his dog starting up labels then so be it. It would be hypocritical to say otherwise, we were just another label 5 years ago!

What are your goals with these labels? What do you want to reach ?

Our goal is to keep supplying great music to people that want to hear it, and nuture & support our artists in anyway we can. Also it’s very important that we find new artists as they may not get heard about otherwise and Sonata is focused firmly on good music no matter who made it or if they’re known about. Breaking new artists is crucial.

Do you have any special producer selection method of how to choose the right music for your label? How much time does it take to make the right choice ?

If it’s good, and it’s something we have a personal love for and passion for, we sign it. Very simple.

Would you like to add something in conclusion?

Just like to say thanks to everyone buying our music, those tuned into Sonata Recordings Radio (first Sunday of every month on Liquid Sessions Radio) and anyone who regularly supports our music in their sets or listens to the Melocast or Melodic Vault (also just search either to find them).

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview and good luck with your labels & music.

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IBSTRACT abstract perceptions 2


Old faces, GORO & EIWEN have formed a new project iBSTRACT. we bring you an overview of their debut album ABSTRACT PERCEPTION and an exclusive interview with GORO.

IBSTRACT abstract perceptions 2






You have been on the scene for a few years now as GORO and also one half of BIOFORMS. We are used to hard/dancefloor dnb from you, will iBSTRACT be continuing in this style or will you be bringing something different?

As GORO i was addicted to drum and bass since around 2001. At that time i started promoting a dnb night called Blackrain at CLUB NO3 which i co-owned for a long time. I also promoted the Rainbow openair in partnership with Dephzac, and after the club closed we organised some nights in a pub called CCX. I am not currently a member of any crew. At the moment i am trying to get a few artists together for live concerts, as this is the way i would like to continue in the future, but we will see what happens. I don’t only do dnb, in the past i have made various different styles such as trip hop, chillout and house. I work on all music with my bro EIWEN who will be familiar to techno and minimal fans.

Could you tell us how long your new album has been in the making, and where did you get your inspiration from?

Some of the ideas were started around 3 years ago. I had been working with Dephzac until he moved away from Slovakia. He moved away and i stopped making dnb for a year to work with EIWEN on some slower music. When i decided to start working on dnb again I really loved it and made the decision to put together a full length album. We made a lot of material, and most of the album just came from jam sessions we had in the studio.


There are 13 songs on the LP, which one is your favourite?

We have so many fond memories attached to each track. Every one makes us feel a different way, and whether good or bad it doesn’t really matter. I think i can say that for EIWEN too.

On the majority of the LP tracks you co-worked with TOP producers from Slovakia. how did these collaborations come about?

It was quite difficult as Trilo lives in Poland, Dephzac in the UK and i couldn’t meet with Blue motion in the studio either. Everything worked via the internet besides ‘Enemy of the states’. For the guitar parts I met with BLT in the studio , many times and for long hours because we are very good friends. I also met with clarinet player PANTER who you may know from a great band call ‘HUGO CAVES”, however he lives in the UK now. There is also some Rhodes parts recorded by ANDRAS in his studio. In spite of the various difficulties it was a great experience and a lot of fun.

Which collaboration did you enjoy the most?

For sure the one with my partner EIWEN and Guitarist BLT. Our trio worked very well together.

There are lots of real instruments on the album , did you actually play them or did you use mainly samples?

EIWEN, ANSRAD MADARASZ and myself played the piano parts and there are also live clarinet and guitar as I already mentioned. As for samples, we like sampling a lot of old Jazz vinyls via our Kaos pad, which reaps many great creations.

Do you play any musical instruments?

Our production is based around piano music/composition so in a way i can play, but not as fluently as ‘real’ pianist. I’m no Fryderyk Chopin but i’m trying to improve as much as i can.


What was the most difficult part of making the album for you?

It’s very hard to say.There were hard parts to every track, especially when working with live instruments and editing down the recorded material. For example when adding a guitar part to a five minute song we will will usually be recording up to 20-30 minutes of material and picking the best segments to use in the track. Then we have to listen over and over again to be sure each part fits correctly and is sitting as comfortably in the track as possible. It is a very different process to purely synthetic composition.

Many producers collaborate with live instrumentalists and bands. Was this your first experience of doing that? and will we be hearing more of this style included in your future work?

It wasn’t my first experience, I have been interested in live instruments for a very long time and i’m sure i’m going to continue. Each instrument adds a different element to the song, every musician adds in a different vision, feeling or sensation to the track. We don’t want to be constantly doing the same thing, we want to be unique. The more people you have involved with the tracks, the more ideas you have, and the more unique vision you have moving forward.

There are currently a lot of producers switching from djing to live performance. They like it because they fell they can be more creative and expressive. I s this something you would like to try?

I’m sure the live stage is a perfect way to be more creative, but in my case the music industry is not my full-time job, so i can not do everything at once. At the moment i am focusing on djing and studio work. Maybe in the future i will change my mind.

Thank you for your time! Would you like to add anything else? or do you have any advice for all the up and coming young producers out there?

I really believe that this album is great work, and that it will be appreciated by the listeners. To the new wave of producers I say : Keep unique, don’t copy others, and of course keep your fingers crossed and stay positive!

Thank you!


silence Before Storm Blue

SILENCE BEFORE THE STORM pt.1 download links and exclusive interview with iM3

IM3 and his long-awaited debut album SILENCE BEFORE THE STORM is already here, we bring you a complete overview of the first part, the first feedbacks, links to download and exclusive interview

silence Before Storm Blue






Could you tell us something about yourself?

Hi to all the listeners and fans, my name is Pavol Pagacik and I work in music industry since I was a child. About the DnB music, I started to listen to it around 1999 when this kind of music came slowly to our country from Russia and England and as Im music fan I didnt wanna miss it. I was interested in it so much that I started with production in 2001 and later in 20004 with DJ-ing.

How did you get to DnB and was it the best part of it for you?

I dont really remember it, I just know it started with internet connection :), somehow I got the tracks from Russia and after that I regularly started to watch NUBORN mixes from legendary Paul B. I really liked that speed on Dnb, also very specific drums and variegation of sub-genres.

You are not only a DJ but also a producer, how long do you produce and where did you issued your tracks till now?

I do production nearly 11 years. I can say that Im the opposite of everything what is happening in this time. I mean I have never been interested in sending my tracks to the publishers. I always wanted to have my own tracks and I always expected something more of life and music, thats why I didnt have any big releasies till now.

I do it only because of me and my realization, I always dreamed a lot and gave myself very big goals. I think that kept me alive and happy.

You are publishing your debut album called Silence before storm part 1, how was the work on it?

The work on my album was difficult and as I always inovated something on production technic or sounds I found myself in ice point not only once. I reliazed that the track that I made half and year before its totally different as the track now so I had to changed it every time.

What is the meaning of album name? Do you havy any expectations in your future?

Silence Before The Storm means a lot to me. Its like a book of a writer. I worked on it 3 years and I didnt know when it will be done, what number will be last. Now its about 20 tracks that makes a whole projeject which is in progress.


What was your inspiration? Where do you find new ideas?

Whole album is about a life. The ideas were always around me. There is nothing more beautiful in life of producer than the experience and feeling of his life that he can put into the music.

Silence Before The Storm is ipsissimis verbis a process of life period when every track ment something in it and every track means something to me. People who cares about feelings and ideas that I put into my music will understand it without any word.

The album will be published on your new label New Progress ltd, can you introduce it to us?

New Progress ltd is a label that has constant development. I wanted to introduce to people the music as a whole piece, not only the genres such as DnB, but also the genres which have a soul and an action.

The label is not against improving or adding new genres by contrast originality and quality are on the first place for us. I think the 2014th year will be very interested for many fans. On January we already have prepared debut album from famous Slovak producer iBSTRACT where you can also find the names such as BLUE MOTION,TRILO,DEPHZAC,BLT and many others.

In the name of your album is a label „part 1“. When can we expect the second part?

The next part of album SBS will be published in the beginning of new year. There you will have a chance to find names such as BEEPO,A-CRAY,MIDAS,or remix from DIGITAL SOAP.

We know you did some collaborations with other producers. How was the work with them?

It was kind of difficult as every producer comes from different part of the world so we had to work via Internet. Thats why most of the track was finished in 2-3 days.

Who would you like to work with in the future and why?

Well, its hard to say. For me it was always spontaneous decision to work with. When I like somebodys music or somebody contacts me I do it. Then I decide what is better: colab or remix.

What producers music production was most interested to you in last days?

I have to say that I fixated on myself in last days. I found out that listening to other music tracks can make me influenced and then I can loose originality. But I prefer younger and new fresh music producers. The fixed stars kind of stopped to be interested to me anymore because i cannot see any progress so in last days I was kind of into the NOISA music production because they are the producers how I imagine.